Pure and Steady Electricity guarantees 100 % Good Health and ensures Longer Life for Appliances, Gadgets, Equipments etc.

We at GUARDIAN STABILIZER believe that every moment of your life, whether at Home, Leisure or Work, must be spent in TOTAL COMFORT. This can be achieved only if there is Electrical Reliability, which means that you are mostly unaffected by the Problems in Electricity.

For over 30 years, SINCE 1982, GUARDIAN STABILIZER has been protecting many Televisions, Air-Conditioners, Refrigerators and GUARDIAN has ensured that they have long life.

The immense experience gathered by us over the years and inspired by the confidence that GUARDIAN’s end users and associates have placed in us, we continuously strive to innovate GUARDIAN STABILIZERS.

This Website is not only about GUARDIAN STABILIZERS. We have tried to pack in as many other information, which you may find useful. It is our intent and endeavor to make everyone understand the basics about electricity – especially about its Safety and Saving Electricity, apart from its usage and its problems and also the solutions thereof.

We at GUARDIAN STABILIZERS hope that you will enjoy navigating our Website and also that you will find all relevant information that you are looking for, on our Website. In case there is any further information that you need to know, don’t hesitate to contact the POWER DOCTOR. We hope that we will be able to help you !!!


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