All Consumer Electronics & Durables Appliances and Gadgets need Electric Power to function. This Electric Power should be Stable and Clean – so that these Appliances and Gadgets perform efficiently and LIVE LONGER.

Voltage Stabilizers ensure Stable power to the Appliance or Gadget that is connected. In India due to the poor Infrastructure in Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution systems - erratic fluctuation in power supply is common.

Hence for protecting the Appliances and Gadgets connected – the usage of VOLTAGE STABILIZERS has assumed much importance – mainly for Television, Refrigerator and Air-conditioner.

SERVO CONTROLLED VOLTAGE STABILIZERS are used to protect Costly, Sensitive and Critical Equipment’s from voltage fluctuation.

POWER PURIFIER provides clean and purified power to all the latest appliances and gadgets which need pure and clean power to perform efficiently, stay healthy and live longer.

GUARDIAN combines’ traditional wisdom with modern technology, resulting in a product line - featuring high efficiency new-age VOLTAGE STABILIZERS, SERVO CONTROLLED STABILIZERS and POWER PURIFIERS that offer a very practical, safe and stable solution for protecting your valuable appliances and gadgets from the vagaries of erratic voltage and impure electricity.

GUARDIAN incorporates the “HAWK EYE DIGITAL MICROTRONICS” – that Senses and Monitors the incoming voltage like a Hawk. It is very agile and acts swiftly as a Hawk - to purify and stabilize the output voltage by clamping down on the erratic voltage fluctuations and offers an error free continuous operation and better reliability by adopting the latest Power Conditioning Circuitry which is a sturdy & unique Voltage Compensation technology evolved by Germans.

HAWK EYE DIGITAL MICROTRONICS paves way for very cost effective voltage stabilizer models, which offer superior performance – operating the appliance or gadget connected at optimum voltage levels – protecting them and enhancing their life and also helps in reducing the overall consumption of current, thereby reducing operating cost.

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