Brand building is a critical part of building any business. We have understood that just how important is it to manage it sensibly to safeguard our bottom-line. However, it has taken us over three decades and lot of patience to build a considerable level of positive brand equity. As marketing gurus say - brand equity is the sum of tangible and intangible value proposition, that is derived from the minds of its consumer, based on their experience with the brand.

Brand preferences arise out of 80% psychological drivers (emotional connect) and 20% physical drivers (product features). We want Guardian to become a brand that means something to the consumers – for, in the long run - only such brands win.

For over 30 years now... SINCE 1982, Power Conditioning products sold by us under brand name GUARDIAN... have helped protect Appliances and Gadgets from the vagaries of Electricity, keeping them 100% healthy and thereby enhancing their life, satisfying over 30,00,000 ( Thirty Lacs or Three million ) users.

After delivering power conditioning products for many decades, we at Guardian realized that apart from Brand Awareness, Brand Recognition, Brand Preference and Brand Loyalty, the most valuable factor in increasing the brand engagement in the consumers mind was Brand Personality. It made brands unique in many ways and helped in carrying the brand message, straight into the minds of the consumer.

It makes a lot of sense to understand that BRAND DEVELOPMENT means not becoming popular or getting the brand plastered everywhere. But, it is achieved only when your customers see YOU AS THE ONLY ONE to offer best solution to their problems and needs.

It was envisaged that the GUARDIAN brand should have and convey 4 basic elements :


  • Trust
  • Quality
  • People


  • To Safeguard & Protect Appliances and Gadgets – enhancing their lives and making the customer happy.


  • Protection
  • Reliability
  • Excellent Support


  • Truthful
  • Dependable
  • Practical
  • Warm & Friendly

Our mainstay brand “GUARDIAN” is a leading brand in the Voltage Stabilizer Market with a high brand recall and associated popularity among retailers. The brand also enjoys a market share of over 10 %, a high for any industry standard. The entire goodwill and brand image have been developed over the last three decades, GUARDIAN has been in existence.

The challenge now is to accrue widespread brand loyalty and to sustain and develop on it. So, we at GUARDIAN STABILISRS have drawn up plans to increase the brand awareness through a well strategized and concerted effort…

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