We Indians are always very concerned or are even to the levels of being obsessed with safety or purity in almost everything. Many products we use in our daily life - like Soap, Shampoo, Tooth paste, Mouth Wash, Skin Care Lotion, Toilet Cleaners, Detergents, Dish Cleaners, Floor Cleaners, Engine Oil ( protection for engine ), Cooking Oil ( protection for heart ), Anti-virus software ( computer protection ), sunglasses ( eye protection ) etc, whether knowingly and or unknowingly are all used for the sake of safety or purity. We also use water filters for purifying water. We also have purifiers for air and use many other types of filters for filtration & purification of all conceivable fuels.

This clearly proves that we have so much awareness about the dangers and the harms from various forms of impurities.

Then why haven't we ever thought of purifying power before use?


The quality of electricity is sometimes so bad that even basic lighting devices like bulbs / tubes etc encounter problems and are damaged…

Keeping in mind this background – it may be termed as “absolute carelessness” with which we just directly connect our costly Appliance or Gadget to the utility power. Only – if we are a little more aware of the dangers of the vagaries of electricity, then we will definitely take care to ensure safety of our costly appliance or gadget by investing in a power conditioner.

Yes… a good power conditioner – not only keeps your appliance and gadget, HEALTHY – but enhances their Life too.

It has been scientifically proven that unstable electricity and Impurities in electric power are a major cause for most of the inexplicable or mysterious failures of appliances and gadgets. While, we Indians are mostly concerned with the commonly known power problem power cut, we ignore the more dangerous problems in electric power – Fluctuation in Electricity and Impurities in Electricity.

In the developed countries - Surge suppressor / protector are being commonly used to purify electric power. The need to purify and stabilizer electric power before usage is becoming more and more relevant now a days, especially considering the high level of sophisticated electronics in all appliances and gadgets nowadays.

So… kindly take all steps to ensure protection for your appliances and gadgets from the lurking dangers in electricity and connect a good quality power conditioner to add more life.


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