GUARDIAN VOLTAGE STABILIZER started off in 1982 in a very humble way, under the able leadership of our founder - Late Mr. N.P.Thomas.

Initially – GUARDIAN Stabilizers grew by taking small baby steps, slowly establishing itself in and around the city and suburbs area of Chennai.

Today after more than three decades in existence, GUARDIAN is proud to have around 30,00,000 satisfied users and also of the fact that it is sold through a large network of over 1000 retailers extending over the South Indian states of Tamilnadu, Kerala and Puducherry.

Aided by the strong philosophies instilled in us by our founder and also by the support extended by our staff, vendors, associates and customers – GUARDIAN grew from a brand of voltage stabilizer known only for air-conditioner stabilizers into a brand that now has a wide variety of power conditioning products extending across many categories.

Electricity is an integral part of our life and the lack in its quality affects every appliance, gadget, equipment etc. Thereby adversely affecting our life. Power Conditioning Products, especially Voltage Stabilizers - helps to keep appliances, gadgets, equipment’s etc - 100% healthy and makes them live longer.

The continuing poor state of affairs in the Indian electric power generation, transmission and distribution has resulted in wild fluctuations in electricity and power-cuts.

If you study the evolution and growth of appliances and gadgets in India, you can have an insight into the growth of GUARDIAN Stabilizers. In India, CRT COLOUR TV (CTV) started appearing in our living room around the year 1982 and that was when GUARDIAN stabilizers was launched. Refrigerators started finding a place in Indian homes in a big way since year 1990. Almost ten years later Air-Conditioner started slipping down the luxury product quotient and it was no longer a status symbol, its usage by the Indian Middle Class burgeoned from year 2000 onwards. Washing Machine sales proliferated since year 2005 and the Flat Panel TV (earlier LCD & PLASMA and now LED) has been entering all above medium class households from around year 2010, replacing the CTV’s. As the Consumer electronics and durables products markets grew, so did GUARDIAN. For each and every product listed above GUARDIAN aptly designed and developed Stabilizers to protect them from the vagaries of voltage fluctuation and provided solid support, thereby garnering confidence and trust of the retailers and the end users.

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