We are pretty sure you would have encountered situations when the TV sets, Bulbs etc got fried after a thunder storm? Have you seen those dimming of lights when you start the AC? Have you heard those clicks in your Music system / Radio sound output when you switch on Tube lights? Have you seen the Snowing effect in TV when the Mixer, Grinder or Hair dryer is operated? Have you heard the whining noise in TV / Music System - when a cell phone operates nearby?

Well, all these are Symptoms that Power Impurities or Fluctuations are regularly striking your gadgets - causing damage, mostly to the Electro-Mechanical parts and the Electronics.

The damage could be all at once without a warning, or the damage could be bit by bit. It is time that you connect a power conditioner to your Appliance or Gadget to keep the 100% healthy and thereby improve its life...


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